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CRL Group - Services

Hardware and support

We supply most major brands of servers, desktops, notebooks, thin clients, networking hardware, and have technically certified people to install and implement these.

Repairs and maintenance

We repair and maintain all major brands of desktops, servers, notebooks, networking equipment and printers. CRL will gladly come to site and audit your assets in order to provide you with a quote tailored to your specific maintenance needs, free of charge.

Network services

We design and implement layered switching and routers to provide optimum cost-effective bandwidth.

Software services

Our software services include retail applications, operating system maintenance and upgrades, document scanning and archiving, and we can facilitate the integration of these products with legacy and enterprise systems.

Refurbished equipment

CRL trades in and refurbishes large printers, servers, and high-end desktops. We also purchase used equipment.


CRL provides Krone-certified cabling, and network infrastructure design, as well as provisioning and installating cabinets, patch panels, and various networking media as per your requirements.

Electrical installations, including UPSes, can be supplied if required.

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