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CRL Computers (PTY) LTD. is an IT company committed to excelling at provisioning comprehensive modern-day business solutions  as well as professional service at competitive rates.

As a company, CRL adopts a business model whereby we adapt ourselves to not only best suit the opportunities presented by South Africa’s IT market, but also to best cater to the changing requirements of our existing client base. To accommodate this model, we focus on training and empowering our employees with skills necessary to remain competitive in the IT sector.   

CRL recognizes that service is an important defining factor in our industry. As such, we provide a full spectrum of customer support services, ranging from implementation support, to training, to maintenance services designed to protect our clients investments. We continually strive to excel at this in our ongoing quest to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. Our full spectrum of product offerings includes end to end solution sales , service level agreements (SLA) , software and hardware development, project management services, and time management training. 

One undertaking CRL pursues in order to provide effective business solutions is that of establishing world-class strategic partnerships.  

In keeping with our vision of empowering our employees, CRL recently acquired the intellectual property and manufacturing rights for Focus Time Systems cc. We did so under the belief that effective time management skills  will be the currency of the future and actively seek to incorporate these skills into our day-to-day functioning. Our belief is that given the scope of Focus’ market offering, this acquisition will enable us to better provide our employees, and even our customers, with necessary business-related time management skills. 

We strive to operate as a corporate embodiment of these ideas and visions, which ultimately allows us to successfully market and manage our respective strengths to our customers’ greatest benefit.

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